Welcome to Fairy Tales and More, a blog about childhood, books, and everything in between. Here you will find a broad range of reviews – from picture books to YA novels – news from the children’s publishing industry, musings on current issues and conversations going on in the arena of childhood, and the deeper aspects of children’s literature.

Basically, I’m just hopelessly addicted to thinking about childhood, reading children’s books and admiring all the gorgeous illustrations created over the centuries. I promise to share whatever I stumble upon, with you.  I hope this blog will be an inspiring place to hang out.  Come by often!  The journey should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I learned about your blog through the list on the Multicultural Children’s Book Day event site. As you seem to enjoy reading and reviewing books with diverse characters, I was wondering if you might be interested in reading my novel Cry of the Sea, which features a strong, female American Indian protagonist. You can learn about it at the publisher’s web site: http://www.fireandiceya.com/authors/dgdriver/crysea.html Please contact me with information as to how to submit my book to you for a review.

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