About Me



My name is Nancy Partridge.  I’m a hybrid; on the one hand I simply love love love reading children’s books of all kinds, and on the other hand I’ve approached the subject of childhood and children’s literature from an academic perspective. I’ve reviewed children’s books for a decade; first for the educational database Children’s Literature, and, more recently, for the online newspaper Examiner.com. With a background in Victorian Literature and Art History, I had the great good fortune to work with Harvard folk and fairytale scholar Maria Tatar on the history of Sleeping Beauty, the results of which can be found here:  The Sleeping Beauty: Evolution of a Fairy Tale . After that I wanted to go deeper into children’s books, pursuing graduate study to attain an MA in Children’s Literature from the University of Roehampton, London. This type of research is culture-based, going back historically into the development of childhood itself, which is fascinating. I adore historical fiction, which allows me to wander around back in time, using different cultural lenses and sensibilities.

The mother of four amazing human beings, I left the world of academia to explore the free-falling life of a freelance writer. When I’m not writing reviews, consulting with an author via skype about her upcoming picture book, or pondering mythic structure, you might find me working on my MG fantasy.  In case you’re wondering, it takes place in Mexico; about a girl, her donkey, and the fall of the Aztec empire. (Or should I make it a picture book as originally planned?!) Or I might be putting together notes for an upcoming project on the childhood of Mary Shelley, or a nonfiction piece for middle-grade girls about the  Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi. I once read that the way a culture treats its girls is an indication of their cultural paradigm in general.  I need to delve into that…but I digress…free-falling.  Just keep swimming…

More to come.