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If Middle Grade speaks to you

….like it speaks to me, then you need to read this post from Project Mayhem:


It’s a clear, inspiring look at the eight-episode show Stranger Things on Netflix.  I’m going to check it out tonight!

Something about the tween age tweaks at my heart and brain like no other — well YA historical fiction notwithstanding 🙂  And then there’s the beauty of a brilliant picture book…alright, I’m hopeless.  It’s true love, me and kids’ books, what can I say.  But that age, that threshold holds some kind of magnetic pull.

I wrote my master’s thesis on the unreliable narrator in children’s MG books, beginning with E. Nesbit – do you know her?  End of the 19th century…..Five Children and It, The House of Arden, The Wouldbegoods etc.  all the way up to Sharon Creech, Polly Horvath and Rebecca Stead.  More on that later.

But there’s something about the agency of that age, the purity of their focus on themselves, the fierceness of their friendships, and their lives.  As a writer, I may just end up there.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, do check out the post, and that show.

Talk to you later!








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