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Old Magic, New Dangers


       I am holding an advanced copy of Henry H. Neff’s upcoming middle grade thriller, Impyrium, in my hands.  As press contact for Media Masters Promotions, I have the distinct pleasure of reading and reviewing this work, called a “rare jewel..A new classic in the fantasy genre,” by bestselling Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer.  The book came to me like a gift, boxed and wrapped with an autographed poster inside.   How could I resist?  How could anyone resist?
     Neff weaves together magic and mythology with elements of modernity to create a richly detailed and utterly unique world that readers will delight in exploring.  From the Muirlands, where commoners work the land, to the mist-shrouded Sacred Isle where sorcerers hold court, Impyrium  is populated with a diverse cast of fascinating characters.  Told in the alternating points-of-view of bookish, albino, magical twelve-year-old Hazel and daring, witty thirteen-year-old Hob, readers can explore this world both familiar and strange from all sides.  Hailed by Kirkus as “an indulgence for readers thirsting for a futuristic cloak-and-daggers plot with magical adolescent version of a Game of Thrones-like plot,” the press release promises an enthralling tale of adventure, court intrigue, and secret societies will appeal to boys and girls of all ages.
          The book beckons to me in the wee hours of the morning, and I eagerly slip into its other-worldliness. There are magical human beings, demons – he calls them rakshasas, which is just fascinating because that has Hindu roots.  What?  It’s long — over 500 pages —  but, soon, I promise to share the magic with you. Impyrium is set for publication by Harper Collins in early October.

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