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Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

This is exciting news: a treasure house of 500 new fairy tales have been discovered!  It’s hard to imagine.  The fairy tales we all know  and love are so much a part of us. Who will we meet in these new stories, and what will they teach us?  I can’t wait….

Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany | Books |

       What new dreams will our children dream?

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Are Teens Embracing E-books?

Check out this interesting article from Publisher’s Weekly about teens and e-books.  Of course e-books are creating a swirl of controversy these days, what with Department of Justice rulings about the e-book trade (more to come on that) the challenges posed to libraries, etc.  I was recently assured by a published author that the majority of e-books are read by 40-somethings and older.  Publishers are coming out with toddler apps to teach reading on all kinds of personal devices…but do kids actually read e-books?  I know two-year-olds who can scroll through their parent’s cell phones to watch Dora the Explorer, but…

Are Teens Embracing E-books?.